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As a U.S. Army Veteran Owned Company, we bring the same values, motivation and tenacity to each and every job that we are tasked with.

The services we offer is designed for one thing. To give our customers peace of mind. There is no reason to have to deal with the headache of working with multiple companies to get the job done.

Our aim is not to be just a company you hire, however, more to be your partner in keeping your business moving.


Driven Beyond Disaster has the team and experience in place to help you keep your business and life moving!

Values That Restore Property Value


Integrity and Expertise

As a commercial restoration service pioneered by U.S. army veterans, we persevere and achieve excellence no matter your application or restoration challenge. We possess years of experience in assisting businesses to get back up and running after difficult periods with minimal impact. We bring rigor, teamwork, and years of experience to every assignment: big or small. We are specialists in keeping a level head and actioning efficiently, which is why we are a go-to emergency property restoration team – we always keep up.


Efficiency and Accessibility

We pride ourselves on prioritizing our clients’ and their customers’ needs. Your restoration will be our top priority and you will have access to our team 24/7, 365 days a year. We follow projects through to completion and your satisfaction, ensuring your schedule is considered throughout and guaranteeing buyers and tenants have access to top-tier restored properties so they can expedite their plans. We achieve all of this affordably – our end-to-end service is available at a 10% discount for customers who open an account with us. And you can benefit from this rate across projects of all scales: from single-income property owners to multi-property business ventures.



Our customers choose us because we have proven ourselves to be reliable, transparent, and honest in our dealings. If your business is vulnerable, you need a property restoration company that you can trust. We make you aware of the plan for your business from the start of the restoration process to the end. Additionally, we will walk you through serviced properties to get your approval before you part with hard-earned cash.

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